Bluetit at Vine Farm House, Wivenhoe

I spent quite a few years working at Vine farm house Wivenhoe as a builder doing repairs and alterations. It was one of my favourite places to work because of the history and the atmosphere as the owners were very sympathetic to the house and all its little treasures and unspoilt history. The walled garden would have led out to farmland before the housing in the 1960s, but the barn remains unchanged for 100s of years and houses Swallows every summer as well as the occasional Blackbird or even visiting Blue Tits. This painting shows one side of the open barn door, another shows the door jamb where the latch sits.

Full size limited edition quality Glycee print also available, framed or mounted.

Painted on high quality paper with Gouache. Size 420mm X 300mm

Bluetit at Vine Farm House, Wivenhoe

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